Põhjakonna stairs Audiogiid huvitavat Viimsist

The higest outdoor staircase in Estonia is located in Viimsi and now connects two nearby villages which used to be seperated by the Lubja Hill - Lubja and Pärnamäe to the centre of the Viimsi area. You could only dream about such a connection between these villages and Viimsi during the Soviet occupation, when the hill was covered with barbed wire as the Soviets kept petrol tanks there during the occupation years. The 200 steps of this unique staircase were built in 2017. It is a nice place to visit even during the dark period as it is attractivly lit. Fact or fiction: The staircase is named after the main character, Põhja Konn, in well known Estonian author Andrus Kivirähks novel  The Man Who Spoke Snakish, who is eternal and undestroyable. Just like The Republic of Estonia. The staircase was completed for Estonias centenary.
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