Frequently Asked Questions

If any additional questions arise that are not in this list, please contact us through contact form.
1 Who processes the data entered in the application?
The data remains on our servers. The maximum that a customer must enter is an email address, as it is with many platforms and web environments.
2 Is it possible to select several topics for the map on the map creation platform?
Up to three topics can be selected. It is important to add relevant topics, because your future map users will filter out the maps in accordance with their interests.
3Is it possible to add an audio file to an object on the map?
In the web-based map management environment, it is also possible to add an audio file to the objects on the map. You need to find a suitable file on your computer and upload it. The best audio file format is .mp3.
4 Why doesn't the system let my map to be published?
Clicking the "publish" button displays all the points that need to be filled in by the map manager. For example, you need to add one track or at least 2 points to the map. Also, at least half of the objects on the map must have pictures.
5Is the use of the maps free of charge? What is the user limit?
Use of the card up to a certain limit is free of charge. See the full price list and package comparison here: Pricelist
6What is the cost for the user to download mobile app?
Downloading and using the app is completely free for the user. Except in cases when the map is password protected and the map creators have monetized it.
7Can the card be tested before use?
Yes, when the map is ready for testing, click "publish" in the top left menu bar and "test" in the window that opens. The map under test can be found in the mobile application by searching the name of the map in the search bar.
8 Is it possible to change the order of the points on the map?
Yes, by clicking the "add track" button in the map management platform, it is possible to start adding points to the map. If it can be seen that the order of the points should be different, they can be moved to the corresponding order in the list of points immediately, on the left hand side object list. The route will be affected by it.
9Does the map undergo validation before it is published?
Yes, the Navicup team will review the map as soon as possible. If everything is in order, Navicup will accept it and the map is ready for public use.
10 What do I need to create a map?
To create a map, go to Navicup's main page and open "Create your map" in the top right corner. You'll need to go through three simple steps, after which a new user account will be emailed to you with a link to create a password. By entering the password, you will be logged in to the map management platform, where you can start creating your card. Be sure to check out the tutorial on creating a map: Video
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