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Create maps for large-scale events.
Café Days, Open Farm Days, car races and folk sporting events are events where people wish to get information about different spots or activities.
In the case of races it is also possible to see where a racer is at that time and even see their results.
Navicup shows statistics about the visitors and their movement during the event which gives interesting “heatmap” information.
Don't lose your friends out of sight. You can see your group's location in the app.
big events map
How to use
A Café Day. Create a new café day event on navicup.com and send an e-mail to people planning to attend it with a link to the attending application form. The attendee fills the form with all of the relevant information about their café, adds pictures, texts and determines the correct location. They can change all of their data later if needed. The organiser of the event just has to accept the applications and their changes. The Navicup system automatically creates a digital public event map that the organiser can then add to their homepage if they wish and also refer to it on social media. It is also possible to print the map of the event out on paper. In addition, the map of the event is also available in the Navicup mobile application which makes moving around much easier on the day of the event. It is also possible to add the progression of public transport in real time or also a “moving” shop, for instance.
The map of a car race (also marathons). Create a map of the event, add the routes, starts, finishes, traffic restrictions, spectators' and catering and other important spots on it and insert the time schedule of the event in the information part. If the race also uses the tracking and scoring system by Navicup or one that is supported by Navicup, the moving and results of the racers are displayed on the mobile application map in real time. It is possible to send notices about the delay of the start or an accident on the track via Navicup to the mobile applications of spectators in a certain area.
big events map
Examples of users
big events map
More Possibilites
You can do a lot more with NaviCup maps. Here are some more possibilities to make your created journey more interesting.
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