Audio Tour Guide
Audio tour guide, might it be a long car trip or a story about local heritage.
Automatic translation, which translates your input language to any most spoken language.
Text to speech technology transforms your written stories to audible narratives.
Using GPS, audioguide will trigger at the exact time and spot.
Free app and content for the users.
Audio Tour Guide
How to use
Create an audio guided tour and thereby boost the attractiveness of the area. Creating an audio guided tour is simple - the "Text to Speech" technology turn every text in many languages into audio speech. Since the audio guided tour also works automatically outside of working hours and during off-season, it is possible to provide people with activities even when it's not the tourist season. An audio guided tour is an alternative to the regular guided tour, because it is not limited to certain times and provides the opportunity to take part in an “anonymous” tour. PS: Create a tour with a charge and receive an income when it is being used!
Create a City Tour type of an online guided tour and you will be free of complicated computer systems that are built into buses. The bus driver doesn't need to “pause” the audio system when waiting at traffic lights or sitting in traffic jams because the Navicup mobile application can detect when it has arrived in the right spot where to activate the audio file or show the additional information on the screen. Set a charge on your audio tour, so the bus driver won't have to sell tickets because the users of the application can show the “ticket” they have bought on the screen of their smart device.
More Possibilites
You can do a lot more with NaviCup maps. Here are some more possibilities to make your created journey more interesting.
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