Audio and e-guides

Audio and online guided tours

It is possible to create online guided tours for the whole country, towns or smaller areas. Online guided tours are marked on a map similarly to the ones described on the page “tourist maps and hiking trails”. The visitor opens the Navicup mobile application and the map of your guided tour and moves along the route marked on the map. When they get to the points of interest, additional information and the picture of the point if interest opens automatically in the app. If the administrator of the map has added an audio file with someone talking about the place, the map turns into a fully automatic audio guide tour.


1. Create an online guide tour and thereby boost the attractiveness of the area. Since the online guided tour also works automatically outside of working hours and during off-season, it is possible to provide people with activities even when it's not the tourist season. An online guided tour is an alternative to the regular guided tour, because it is not limited to certain times and provides the opportunity to take part in an “anonymous” tour. PS: Create a tour with a charge and receive an income when it is being used!
2. Create a City Tour type of an online guided tour and you will be free of complicated computer systems that are built into buses. The bus driver doesn't need to “pause” the audio system when waiting at traffic lights or sitting in traffic jams because the Navicup mobile application can detect when it has arrived in the right spot where to activate the audio file or show the additional information on the screen. Set a charge on your audio tour, so the bus driver won't have to sell tickets because the users of the application can show the “ticket” they have bought on the screen of their smart device.

More important possibilities (the added ones are typed in bold)

*Creating your own maps without possessing any deeper knowledge about computers.
*Save points and the hiking trail by “walking” through it or you can also do it on your computer without even leaving your desk.
*The changes made on a map are visible to the users of the app in real time, which gives an important advantage compared to paper maps where making changes or correcting mistakes would mean printing out a whole new edition of the map.
*It is possible to import trails and also points from Goolge maps, it supports the kml and gps file formats.
*By using your map the visitor can get to know your area, discover exciting places and “listen” to interesting local stories.
*The application leads the visitor to the places they want to go to and doesn't let them get lost.
*The users of the map can give “stars”, share emotions or write feedback about points of interest.
*The administrator of the map can receive valuable information about the points of interest (computing statistics, “heatmap” etc.)
*Adding audio files turns a tourist map into a fully automatic audio guide tour.
*A map with a charge gives you the possibility to receive additional income from the online guided tours and it can also act as a “ticket”.