Who is using NaviCup

Who is using NaviCup

Navicup suits well for many competition formats where competitors have to cross certain checkpoints or have to follow given track (orienteering, cross-country marathons, trekking, military or rescue games etc). Also it is possible to use as primary or secondary automatic time keeping solution...

What is NaviCup?


Tracking check-point crossings and routes in "old-ways"

In most orienteering-, recreational- or mass sport events one needs to cross check-points and finish line...


NaviCup tracks crossing check-points and route in real-time

NaviCup works on competitors own internet connected smartphone and does not need additional/rented devices...


NaviCup takes orienteering and endurance competitions to new level.

Possibility to see own and competitors` performance real-time adds another dimension of exitment to competition...


NaviCup displays competitors real-time positions and trail on map

Application forwards information about competitors` position to NaviCup home page, where spectators and support teams follow...

Täpsemalt võistlusandmete sisestamise, toimimise loogika, leviaukude, ajatemplite jm kohta saad lugeda siit - NaviCupist põhjalikumalt.

Download NaviCup

Navicup mobile application can be downloaded in Google Play store. Search for app Navicup. Techical requirements: Android 4.0.3 and newer. Camera, GPS and working data connection. Switch on GPS, data connection, automatic time and timezone. Joining different non-open events you might need to register user or ask for username and password from organizer of the event.

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