What is NaviCup?


Tracking check-point crossings and routes in "old-ways"

In most orienteering-, recreational- or mass sport events one needs to cross check-points and finish line. There where several ways to prove crossing these points - "biip" in SI station, taking picture in check-point, visually observing the competitors to cross the check-point etc. Due to their offline method it takes long time to gather data and analyze results. And for tracking routes the organizer needs to rent lots of tracking devices.
NaviCup mobile application and web server tracks check-point crossings online and allows therefore real-time results and is a tracking device at same time.

NaviCup tracks crossing check-points and route in real-time

NaviCup works on competitors own internet connected smartphone and does not need additional/rented devices.
Crossing check-points can be verified in several ways:
  • By taking photo with smartphone which is automatically forwarded to referees.
  • By being closer to check-point than X meters.
  • By entering codewords found in check-point or in info page that appears on screen when being closer to check-point than X meters.
  • Coming soon – reading QR code etc.
In case of unreliable data connection all check-points crossings are saved for later automatic upload.

NaviCup takes orienteering and endurance competitions to new level.

Possibility to see own and competitors` performance real-time adds another dimension of exitment to competition. It enables competitors to change their strategy during competition according to their performance compared to others. Navicup significantly increases spectator engagement in case of otherwise difficult-to-follow formats of competitions as with Navicup spectators can follow competitors progress also in real-time. End results of competition can be announced as soon as last competitor finishes, as referees get information from check-points in real-time or Navicup detects crossing check points and finish line automatically.

NaviCup displays competitors real-time positions and trail on map

Application forwards information about competitors` position to NaviCup home page, where spectators and support teams follow competitors` progress in real-time. Spectators and referees can also witness competitors` speed and possible violation of speed limits. It is also possible to replay competitors progress after the competition. GPS tracking is reliable even in case of unreliable mobile data connection.
NaviCup is very suitable for big sporting events as there is no longer necessary to rent big number of expencive tracking devices, everything is done in competitors own smartphone.

Täpsemalt võistlusandmete sisestamise, toimimise loogika, leviaukude, ajatemplite jm kohta saad lugeda siit - NaviCupist põhjalikumalt.

Who is using NaviCup

Who is using NaviCup

Navicup suits well for many competition formats where competitors have to cross certain checkpoints or have to follow given track (orienteering, cross-country marathons, trekking, military or rescue games etc). Also it is possible to use as primary or secondary automatic time keeping solution. As no special hardware is needed, Navicup suits well for various kinds of recreational or mass sport events as well as proffessional sports events.

You can use NaviCup in tourist oriented games as NaviCup can funtion solely as Google map with all the sightseeings and point of interests on it.

In different long-distance recreational mass sport events NaviCap can be used as tracking device.

Download NaviCup

Navicup mobile application can be downloaded in Google Play store. Search for app Navicup. Techical requirements: Android 4.0.3 and newer. Camera, GPS and working data connection. Switch on GPS, data connection, automatic time and timezone. Joining different non-open events you might need to register user or ask for username and password from organizer of the event.

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